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FINANCIAL ANALYSIS EVALUATES the Future Financial Viability of a Proposed Property Development

BDSA Financial Analysis focuses on direct cash inflows and outflows that impact on the proposed Project. Analysis is undertaken for project life cycle costing.The objective is to establish an indicative return on investment and provide analysis that allows consideration of cost variables and comparison against other investments.

Discounted Cash-Flow (DCF) Discounted cashflow is part of the financial analysis that forecasts future cashflow streams and translates them to a single Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). There are two types of cashflow's:

1. Cash Inflows e.g. Rental Return, Sale of asset, Capital Allowance, Depreciation and Negative Gearing

2. Cash Outflows e.g. Land Costs, Design Costs, Construction Costs, Interest Repayments,Selling Costs, Life Cycle Costs for replacement and maintenance

Sensitivity Analysis is undertaken to account for cashflow variables, and provides a range of potential NPV's and IRR's for various cost options

Market and Economic Analysis: BDSA Market and Economic analysis integrates building and economic data from a variety sources. Global, national and local market trends are considered; the supply and demand characteristics are quantified. The results of the analysis allow investors to consider a number of potential issues, for specific property development types, including:

  • Total market supply and demand (m2) for individual market segments.
  • Percentage of the total market the project may capture over time.
  • Cost/Benefit for various options.
  • Optimal price categories for specific market segments.
  • Optimal unit sizes (m2).
  • Standard of finishes and Amenities that may be provided to make the project more competitive with existing supply.
BDSA Feasibility Studies Allow you to Make Informed Investment Decisions BDSA Quantity Surveyors develop an analytical framework that identifies a wide range of cost variables and project specific issues that will impact on future investment return. An integrated suite of reports are available including, site, market, financial and economic analyses. These reports may be provided individually or as a package.


  • Holistic Approach to Analysis of Issues
  • Comprehensive and Easy to Understand
  • Application of Multi-source data system
  • Choice from a Range of Integrated Reports
  • Project Costs Estimated by Qualified Quantity Surveyors

Site Analysis Reports: BDSA Quantity Surveyors Site analysis identifies and evaluates a wide range of site characteristics, for both site in search of a use or use in search of a site options. Characteristics are evaluated and compared for various site/use options. Characteristics include:

  • Physical e.g. site conditions and constraints
  • Legal/political e.g. covenants, caveats and encumbrances
  • Economic e.g. highest and best use, locality costs
  • Social e.g. local/community group concerns
  • Transportation factors e.g. proximity and accessibility to roads, rail, airport
  • Service/amenities e.g. access to schools, shopping, entertainment etc.
  • Infrastructure e.g. availability of sewer, water, gas, telecommunications etc.

Site Analysis also considers the Environmental/Sustainable Issues

Site analysis identifies and evaluates environmental factors that are likely to become issues for any potential Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA's)

Site analysis also identifies Sustainable Construction issues that will impact on future design and cost of the development

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